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This plugin convert your category into sub domain.

For Example:

Category Permalink:

  • audio.tutplus.com
  • wp.tutplus.com
  • graphic.tutplus.com

Single Post Permalink:

  • audio.tutplus.com/single-post-name
  • wp.tutplus.com/single-post-name
  • graphic.tutplus.com/single-post-name


Simply Create a Category and subdomain will be automatically added, so create as many subdomains as you want, you may require one time Configuration of adding Wildcard Subdomain but most of the Host already did it. If you want to know how to add Wildcard Subdomain Click here

Benefits of using this plugin:

Multiple Websites – Each subdomain is considered a separate website, with each website having it’s own Google PageRank. PageRank is Google’s way of letting you know how important of each page of your website. Better-SEO

Total Web Domination – By having multiple websites, you have more opportunity to show up multiple times in a search engine results page, therefore pushing other websites down the page and achieving “Total Web Domination”

Local Control – The people running the local business can have control over their own content.
They would have control over their subdomain website to post a new photo each week.
Local Optimization of each page – Because the subdomain has the word, every page of this site is automatically associated with business in that word.

Promotion of Main Domain – because each subdomain has the main domain in it’s URL, it ties all subdomain sites back to the main domain, which would have more corporate information and promotion of each subdomain.

Internal and External Linking – Google gives websites better PageRank if there are external websites linking to pages of your website, or links within your website, to other pages of your website. In the case of multiple subdomain websites you would cross-link the sites to help each site get better Ranking in Google. As of the summer of 2011, Google considers all linking between subdomain websites, to the main domain or other subdomains an internal link.


  • Convert Category into Sub-Domain
  • Specifically Exclude Category to be Sub-Domain
  • Category Archive page
  • Single Post Structure within Sub-Domain


= 1.1 =
Added Notification for incorrect permalink on Category Page

= 1.0 =
added support for www versions of urls

= 0.3 =

 - remove double backslash

 - added child categories support

= 0.1 =

Beta Version Released

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  • aharris says:

    Once I created a new page the subdomain redirects me to this http://mydomain/wp-signup.php?new=templates
    The error says “The webpage has a redirect loop” but it doesn’t load the page.
    If you can help me with this I would appreciate it!

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