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Awesome talks

There are a lot of screencasts, recordings of user group gatherings and conference talks available online. I try to commit myself watching at least two new talks every week, and I’ve been doing this for quite some time now. I created this list of online talks that I really enjoyed watching. I’ll also be updating this list whenever I’ve watched another awesome talk that is worthy enough. Suggestions are always appreciated through a pull request. So without further ado ..
(In no particular order)
Software Development
Object-Oriented Programming
Functional Programming
Software Design
Web Development
Test-Driven Development
Computer History
Cognitive Development
Software Development
The Computer Revolution hasn’t happend yet by Alan Kay [1:04:34]
The Future of Programming by Bret Victor [32:55]
Inventing on Principle by Bret Victor [54:20]
Media for Thinking the Unthinkable by Bret Victor [39:32]
Finding a Way Out by Chris Granger [33:46]
Programming is terrible – Lessons learned from a life wasted by Thomas Figg [1:06:43]
Computers are a Sadness, I am the Cure by James Mickens [27:35]
Are We There Yet? by Rich Hickey [1:10:04]
Simple Made Easy by Rich Hickey [1:01:26]
The Value of Values by Rich Hickey [58:53]
Effective Programs – 10 Years of Clojure by Rich Hickey [1:14:51]
The Web We Lost by Anil Dash [1:10:54]
Growing a Language by Guy Steele [53:30]
The Mess We’re In by Joe Armstrong [45:49]
To the Moon! by Russ Olsen [52:43]
Simplify Challenging Software Problems with Rocket Science by Bradley Grzesiak [23:07]
A short history of Software Engineering, and other ideas that didn’t work by Paolo Perrotta [36:35]
Linus Torvalds on Git by Linus Torvalds [1:10:14]
The Worst Programming Language Ever by Mark Rendle [43:46]
Unconventional Programming with Chemical Computing by Carin Meier [36:00]
Seven Ineffective Coding Habits of Many Programmers by Kevlin Henney [01:02:52]
5 WTFs in 6 LOCs by Dorothy Wingrove [05:11]
Programming is Writing is Programming by Felienne Hermans [55:46]
We’re Doing It All Wrong by Paul Phillips [50:42]
Real Software Engineering by Glenn Vanderburg [1:07:57]
Feature Branching Considered Evil by Thierry de Pauw [49:38]
Object-Oriented Programming
Functional is cool, but do you know OO by Sandro Mancuso [54:17]
Stop Writing Classes by Jack Diederich [27:29]
Functional Programming
Functional Principles for Object-Oriented Developers by Jessica Kerr [51:13]
Adventures in Functional Programming by Jim Weirich [50:34]
Functional Programming: What? Why? When? by Robert C. Martin [58:26]
Deconstructing Functional Programming by Gilad Bracha [48:33]
Living in a Post-Functional World by Daniel Spiewak [45:46]
Extreme Cleverness: Functional Data Structures in Scala by Daniel Spiewak [39:24]
Tangible Functional Programming by Conal Elliott [56:24]
Faith, Evolution, and Programming Languages by Phillip Wadler [1:06:53]
Don’t fear the Monad by Dr. Brian Beckman [1:07:10]
Functional Programming Design Patterns by Scott Wlaschin [1:49:10]
Domain modelling with the F# type system by Scott Wlaschin [1:03:40]
Propositions as Types by Philip Wadler [42:42]
Category Theory for the Working Hacker by Philip Wadler [42:17]
Types are like the Weather, Type Systems are like Weathermen by Matthias Felleisen [1:15:18]
Functional architecture – The pits of success by Mark Seemann [1:00:09]
To Clojure and back: Writing and rewriting in Ruby by Phillip Mendonça-Vieira [33:16]
All I needed for FP I learned in High School Algebra by Eric Normand [33:05]
Solving Problems The Clojure Way by Rafal Dittwald [01:02:25]
Software Design
Architecture the Lost Years by Robert C. Martin [1:06:38]
DDD: putting the model to work by Eric Evans [58:48]
Unleash Your Domain by Greg Young [45:20]
The Art of Destroying Software by Greg Young [42:30]
8 Lines of Code by Greg Young [54:43]
Strategic Design by Eric Evans [54:40]
Reliability, Availability, and Scalability by Udi Dahan [1:11:09]
Implementing Micro Service Architectures by Fred George [54:40]
Immutability Changes Everything by Pat Helland [45:19]
Crafting Wicked Domain Models by Jimmy Bogard [1:03:03]
The Actor Model by Hewitt, Meijer and Szyperski [42:34]
How To Design A Good API and Why it Matters by Josh Bloch [1:00:18]
The Joys and Pains of a Long Lived Codebase by Jeremy D Miller [1:02:30]
Microservices by Martin Fowler [26.25]
Stewardship: The Sobering Parts by Brian Goetz [1:03:30]
Therapeutic Refactoring by Katrina Owen [26:04]
Evidence-Oriented Programming by Andreas Stefik [41:42]
The Programming Language Wars by Andreas Stefik [50:28]
Hopelessness and Confidence in Distributed Systems Design by Camille Fournier [40:35]
Kill “Microservices” Before Its Too Late by Chad Fowler [39:41]
The Lost Art Of Software Design by Simon Brown [46:15]
Web Development
Crockford on JavaScript by Douglas Crockford [10:14:37]
Go To There and Back Again by Douglas Crockford [49:06]
The Better Parts by Douglas Crockford [01:00:52]
Introduction to Node.js by Ryan Dahl [58:19]
WAT by Gary Bernhardt [4:17]
The Birth & Death of JavaScript by Gary Bernhardt [29:22]
Hey Underscore, You’re Doing It Wrong! by Brian Lonsdorf [36:30]
Community.js by Chris Williams [21:39]
An End to Negativity by Chris Williams [27:25]
Is Node.js Better by Brian Ford [41:42]
Life is Terrible: Let’s Talk About the Web by James Mickens [32:07]
Critical rendering path – Crash course on web performance by Ilya Grigorik [41:10]
10 Things I Learned from the jQuery Source by Paul Irish [53:40]
Om Next by David Nolen [46:17]
ClojureScript for Skeptics by Derek Slager [41:08]
Test-Driven Development
TDD, where did it all go wrong by Ian Cooper [1:00:37]
Holistic testing by Jimmy Bogard [1:00:33]
Boundaries by Gary Bernhardt [33:44]
Is TDD Dead? by Martin Fowler, Kent Beck, and David Heinemeier Hansson (DHH)
The Transformation Priority Premise by Robert C. Martin [53:43]
TDD in Tatters by Scott Bellware [01:07:53]
Test-Driven Development – Write better code in less time by Evan Dorn [30:54]
The Magic Tricks of Testing by Sandi Metz [32:22]
How To Stop Hating Your Tests by Justin Searls [43:39]
Why You Don’t Get Mock Objects by Gregory Moeck [44:42]
The Clean Code Talks – Unit Testing by Misko Hevery [32:07]
TDD and Software Design by JB Rainsberger and Sandro Mancuso [01:28:50]
Integrated Tests Are a Scam by JB Rainsberger [01:04:35]
Structure and Interpretation of Test Cases by Kevlin Henney [01:04:23]
Does TDD Really Lead to Good Design? by Sandro Mancuso [57:59]
The Land that Scrum Forgot by Robert C. Martin [45:41]
Demanding Professionalism in Software Development by Robert C. Martin [45:03]
Spotify Engineering Culture – Part 1 by Spotify Training & Development [13:12]
Spotify Engineering Culture – Part 2 by Spotify Training & Development [13:27]
Adopting Continuous Delivery by Jez Humble [47:22]
The Death of Agile by Dave Thomas [47:47]
Why Agile Works by Alistair Cockburn [53:03]
Implementing Programmer Anarchy by Fred George [54:55]
Moving Past the Scaling Myth by Michael Feathers [52:02]
It Is Not About Software Anymore by Mary Poppendieck [01:06:38]
7 minutes, 26 seconds, and the Fundamental Theorem of Agile Software Development by JB Rainsberger [00:07:42]
Computer History
A Brief History of Graphics by Stuart Brown [46:00]
The Charming Genius of the Apollo Guidance Computer by Brian Troutwine [48:36]
The History (and the Future) of Software by Grady Booch [01:09:27]
The Future of Programming by Robert C. Martin [01:18:20]
1968 by Kevlin Henney [56:44]
DOOM’s Development: A Year of Madness by John Romero [44:12]
Deconstructing the Database by Rich Hickey [1:06:23]
Why Do Keynote Speakers Keep Suggesting That Improving Security Is Possible? by James Mickens [51:21]
Acceptance Testing For Continuous Delivery by Dave Farley [01:02:34]
Cognitive Development
A Lecture on Creativity by John Cleese [36:59]
The Meaning of Life by Derek Sivers [18:54]
Becoming an Outlier: Career Reboot for the Developer Mind by Cory House [59:12]
Surviving the Framework Hype Cycle by Brandon Hays [35:26]
Stop Treading Water – Learning to Learn by Edward Kmett [40:58]
The Last Lecture: Achieving Your Childhood Dreams by Randy Pausch [1:16:26]
Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford Commencement Address by Steve Jobs [15:04]
Hammock Driven Development by Rich Hickey [39:48]
Drive – The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us by RSA Animate [10:47]
Ideology by Gary Bernhardt [21:22]
Bitcoin: Where the Laws of Mathematics Prevail by Andreas Antonopoulos [23:47]
Delivering Liberty, at Scale by Andreas Antonopoulos [30:15]

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