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WooCommerce Sales Booster Brag About Your Recent Sales WooCommerce Sales Booster Bragger, This Plugin actually add a little Animated Notifier on the Bottom

WooCommerce Sales Booster

WooCommerce Sales Booster

Brag About Your Recent Sales

WooCommerce Sales Booster Bragger, This Plugin actually add a little Animated Notifier on the Bottom Left for the visitors about the Recent Sales, which also contains details in features, You may also Embed this Notifier to any other website, suppose you have Blog on other website you may also use this tool to actually promote your products on your blog in much better way, which will definitely boost your conversion, WooCommerce Sales Booster. People are also looking for recent sales popup woocommerce


Custom Notification

Custom Notification with Short Tags

Notification with Product Title

Notification with Product Image

Notification with Product Link

Notification with Province / State of Buyer

Notification with Minutes Ago

Embed Notifier to External Websites

Simple Code Snippet



Live Preview Internal Site | Live Preview External Site

Please wait few seconds for notifier to popup.

Admin Demo


There is no Limit to show number of Recent Orders, if the order is way too old it will not display time.

Embed Notifier to Any External Website

Embed Notifier to any other Website with jQuery Included.

For New Websites

New WooCommerce Websites might not have any recent sales but you still want to promote your product? Don’t worry I have covered that part as well. 😉

Best of Luck with your Business


fopen Enabled


== Version 2.0 ==
Added More Options.

== Version 1.0.0 ==

 - Added Bragger Notification message on Option Page.

 - WooCommerce Dependent Notice.

 - Disabled Notifications on Cart Page and Checkout Page.
== Version 0.5.1 ==

 - Fixed Query Bug
== Version 0.5 ==

 - Support New Websites.

 - Embed to External Websites.

Also Known as

WooCommerce Sales Notify Pro

Comments and Discussions

  • lekiend says:


    Pre-sale questions:

    Do you have screenshots do display available options in the backoffice ?

    Do you have automatic updates ?
    How long do you give support ?
    Is it fully compatible with WPML ?

    Thank you

    • alisaleem252 says:

      1) The Backend is simple, with a switch to enable/disable, Backend is useful for users with less sales.
      2) There is no auto update feature.
      3) There is no limit.
      4) No, But i am planning to.

  • lekiend says:

    Ok, the back-end is simple but what options do you have ?

    Do you have same options as “Notify” plugin from shopify.
    See here: https://apps.shopify.com/notify

    When it will be fully compatible with WPML ?

    Thank you

    • alisaleem252 says:

      You can customise msg same with shortcodes, currently the delay and initial is hard coded and is not customisable using options. Also there is no tracking…

  • lekiend says:

    I’ve bought your product.

    If I understand, it start to show item from last order to older ones.

    When I go to another product or page, it start again from last order and show every-time same products from last orders.

    Should it be possible to remember where the user was and do not start again the loop after each page refresh ?

    If an order have many items (by example 10 items), it show 10 times the same city. I think it is better to show randomly only 1 item per order.

    What do you think ?

    • alisaleem252 says:

      1) For that i have to use cookie which i tried to avoid, but now i think using cookie is not a bad idea it would enhance user experience.
      2) Multi items order i actually did not considered it, which i should i will keep this in mind in next update.

      Thank you so much for your suggestions these will really help in improving the end product.

      • lekiend says:

        Some more questions:
        1) I also want to know when do you display “xxx minutes ago” ?
        2) How to translate “minutes ago” in another language ?
        3) For fake sales, how to show sales coming from cities in Belgium, Netherland ?
        4) Is it possible to target only specific countries ?

        Thank you

      • lekiend says:

        No answer ?

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