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Using WordPress Category SILO Pro, Your website can benefit massively by organizing your content through SILOS and can create unlimited hierarchy.

WordPress Category SILO, Your website can benefit massively by organizing your content through SILOS. Search engines will prefer your website over similar ones in the same market, because they’ll be able to clearly understand your content and the keywords you’re targeting. The linking between topics and pages will strengthen the website’s topic and keep your content tightly related and focused using WordPress Category SILO Pro.

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Benefits of WordPress Category SILO

1. WSA (Website Silo Architecture) is a little known and seldom implemented site building method that allows you to rank higher using up to 90% fewer inbound links than your competition.
2. Most professional SEO’s find Website Silo Architecture method to difficult to implement because until now it has taken a lot of planning and tenacity to effectively produce. Website Silo Architecture is especially difficult for the neophyte to implement, which is why SEO mavens like Bruce Clay and Red Door Interactive charge their clients tens of thousands of dollars to create silo structured sites. Russell Wright was introduced to Website Silo Architecture by Bruce Clay in 2004. Theme Zoom Software Architect Sue Bell was the first known person to successfully automate this method.
3. Most SEO professionals must spend excessive amounts of time focused on off-page ranking factors and especially inbound link building. An average of 90% additional link building efforts are needed when on-site theme architecture has not been utilized to effectively communicate the website themes to the search engines. Proper theme architecture combined with theme mirroring of inbound links will significantly reduce off-site content and inbound links building required to establish high rankings. This can result in huge savings for their clients.
4. Google’s own Matt Cutt’s has acknowledged the superior ranking and content delivery strategy of a properly themed website.
5. Through the auspices of Pay Per Click Silo Mapping, any Pay Per Click (adwords) campaigns become competitively superior and more stable when the bots “see” that the targeted landing page is a themed website. Additionally, you improve your adwords quality score when the bots “see” that the targeted landing page is semantically related to the ad while containing inbound link juice from theme matched off-site authority pages.


– Powerful SEO Tool.

– Create Category SILO Page.

– Create Unlimited Hierarchies.

– Seamless Integration.

– SILO Sitemap.


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