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Compatible with WordPress 5.0


WordPress Page Subdomain


WordPress Page Subdomain

As the title WordPress Page Subdomain Pro says it all this plugin convert your pages into sub domain used for wordpress seo.

WordPress Page Subdomain Pro empower WordPress to easily convert your pages into Subdomains for website.


SSL Support
These Templates Inc.




How to add Wild Card Subdomain

This plugin convert your page into sub domain.

WordPress Page Subdomain Pro

For Example:

Page Permalink:

    • about.webostock.com
    • support.webostock.com
    • graphic.webostock.com


Simply Create a Page and subdomain will be automatically added, so create as many subdomains as you want, you may require one time Configuration of adding Wildcard Subdomain but most of the Host already did it. If you want to know how to add Wildcard Subdomain Click here

Benefits of using this plugin:

Multiple Websites – Each subdomain is considered a separate website, with each website having it’s own Google PageRank. PageRank is Google’s way of letting you know how important of each page of your website. Better-SEO

Total Web Domination – By having multiple websites, you have more opportunity to show up multiple times in a search engine results page, therefore pushing other websites down the page and achieving “Total Web Domination”

Local Control – The people running the local business can have control over their own content.

They would have control over their subdomain website to post a new photo each week.

Local Optimization of each page – Because the subdomain has the word, every page of this site is automatically associated with business in that word.

Promotion of Main Domain – because each subdomain has the main domain in it’s URL, it ties all subdomain sites back to the main domain, which would have more corporate information and promotion of each subdomain.

Internal and External Linking – Google gives websites better PageRank if there are external websites linking to pages of your website, or links within your website, to other pages of your website. In the case of multiple subdomain websites you would cross-link the sites to help each site get better Ranking in Google. As of the summer of 2011, Google considers all linking between subdomain websites, to the main domain or other subdomains an internal link.


        • Convert Page into Sub-Domain
        • Specifically Exclude Page to be Sub-Domain
        • Toggle All pages Subdomains
        • Check WildCard Status


    • If your issue is General, use comments and i will try to respond within 24 hours.
    • If your issue is specific to your site or hosting then inbox me with your details i will provide support.
    • Then Place any review.


No ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’
Add following to your .htaccess file.


Header set Access-Control-Allow-Origin "*"

How to setup WildCard Subdomain

Check out the free version



== Version 3.6.0 == 2022
- Fatal Error Fixed.

== Version 3.5.7 == 2022
- Elementor JS error fixed.

== Version 3.5.5 == 2021
- Critical License Update, Please update to keep it working.

== Version 3.5 ==
- Added WildCard Status Check

== Version 3.3 ==
- WooCommerce My Account Page as Subdomain
- Bug Fixed
== Version 3.1 ==
- Minor Bug Fixed
== Version 3.0 ==
- Major Update
- Added Global Toggle Switch
- Bugs fixed
- License Added
- Forms Requests Fixed
== Version 2.2 ==
= Added SSL Support
== Version 2.0 ==
= Fixed 404 errors.

Comments and Discussions

  • xupa-xupa says:

    Does this plugin support nginx?

  • Samsara says:

    Hello, just a small presales question: Is there something like a button ‘covert this page into a subdomain’ on each page …? Or how is it controlled?

  • TechWarrior says:


    Today I bought your plugin “WordPress Page as Subdomain Pro” from webstock.com. After download I’ll install in my site. But it’s automatically change all pages to subdomain. Actually I want for 1 or 2 page. and that pages I want to handle. But why your plugin automatic changes all my pages. Can you tell me? or give me a solutions.

  • Easyro says:

    Great Plugin… GLWS.. 🙂

  • mahdihz says:

    can i use your plugin for multi language website
    for exp.
    i have a site with WPML(or any other plugin) and 2 subdomain
    i have a page for example
    with your plugin can i have

    can you help me about this?
    thank you

  • ferol8 says:

    I recently bought a WordPress plugin Page Subdomain Pro but as always when decompressing, make me a mistake and I can’t use it

    “unable to expand error”

  • mahdihz says:

    Please add auto redirect to sub-domain
    for exp redirect http://domain.com/page to http://page.domain.com

    thank you

  • Coinso says:

    Hi, I installed the pro plugin on my site, and after activation can’t see it in the menu. thanks

  • thebaldman says:

    Hi Ali!

    I tested the free version and it worked perfectly. I bought the paid one but I know longer am able to see subdomain in the Pages section. Can you help me?

    • alisaleem252 says:

      Did you de-activate and delete the free version? Also the menu appearing is just in free version, for premium version all your pages will be subdomain, and to exclude a page to be subdomain you will be able to see a checkbox on every edit page in admin panel.

  • thebaldman says:

    I will email you. Thanks for all your help!

  • Hello, i’ve used lite version. I’ve used nginx and pointed wildcard domain to vps but it not work. When i click to subdomain.domain.com it redirect to domain.com. Can you help me config this problem with nginx. If ok, i will buy pro version. Thank you.

  • actek2009 says:

    amazing plugin but not work with non-ascii characters domains.
    posible fix it ?

  • actek2009 says:

    Отличный плагин, отличный автор. Помог настроить плагин для специфического домена. Спасибо огромное. Буду рекомендовать друзьям!

  • jawittdesigns says:

    Converting all pages to subdomains is insane. It should other way around. Instead of excluding pages, include pages. What if my site has 100 pages? Excluding 98 pages so I can get 2 pages as subdomains is silly.

  • aharris says:

    Once I created a new page the subdomain redirects me to this http://mydomain/wp-signup.php?new=templates
    The error says “The webpage has a redirect loop” but it doesn’t load the page.
    If you can help me with this I would appreciate it!

  • aharris says:

    Hi there,

    Yeah I know the WildCard Subdomain is setup correctly because my WordPress site is a multisite and it works just fine for new sign ups. Right now I am currently working with localhost so I don’t have a way to send you the url.

    Why do you think it redirects me to the wp-signup.php?new=templates url? Would it have to do with some interference with a different plugin I have installed?

    • alisaleem252 says:

      Okay this plugin will never work on localhost, as the url structure won’t match, and also it do not redirect to any such url. try it on a valid domain then let me know. also this plugin do not support Multisite.

  • aharris says:

    So if I have multisite installed will it not work under the super admin? If so, how can I get refunded?

  • jazia says:

    Hi! I’m trying using free version before to buy the Pro version but apparently don’t works. The subdomain created actually exsist but the result page is totally empty

  • ciksinan says:

    Is there a limit page for subdomain, For example Can I use 300 pages ad subdomain?

  • ciksinan says:

    Now I have new web site, so Is it so good for seo(pages as sub domain) or not?

    • alisaleem252 says:

      This is up for discussion, if you think it will then go ahead. since my product is relying on seo benefit so anything i will say will be considered biased.
      My opinion is simple, if it helps end users then it helps in seo.

  • wkamer says:


    I have just installed the Pro version. When I check on a page to Not make a subdomain, the page still shows up by entering the subdomain.

    Why is this not working?

  • circle says:

    Are you able to point me in the direction to modify this to work with Custom Post Types rather than Pages?

  • timway says:

    I purchased the plugin and it doesn’t work on third level subpage, can you please check:

    Page structure:
    – abd
    — def

    When I click the menu link and access
    it show 404

  • timway says:

    That will be good if you can show this critical information on your plugin description.

  • umarazmar says:

    what if i use home-page/static front-page as my home ?, is it will be home.mysite.com ?

    • alisaleem252 says:

      Home pages have url as domain.com instead of domain.com/homepage so no, it will not make it a subdomain. Even if it does you will be redirected by wordpress from home.domain.com to domain.com


  • demon-shi says:

    When I activate the plugin and look at the address of subdomain.site.com, all the icons disappear and do not work.
    Site on the local server

  • demon-shi says:


  • Chris1904 says:

    I would like to purchase this plugin as I have tried the free version before.

    Could you please tell me how I will get rid of this error though:

    XMLHttpRequest cannot load https://mysite.com/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php. No ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ header is present on the requested resource. Origin ‘https://mysite.com’ is therefore not allowed access.

    I would like to keep my HTTPS secure. I hope it makes sense. Great plugin! Would love to get this.

    • alisaleem252 says:

      I have added a troubleshoot section in the item description, i have provided a code snippet to be added in htaccess, you can also find it in the previous comment.

      You can also use this plugin with HTTPS.

  • DollarMachine says:

    Salam Ali,
    Happy to See you selling mashAllah 🙂
    I have couple of questions before buying it.
    1- I want to use one WP theme in my website and just want to use my URLs in subdomains. If it will work as I need it ? or every URL will become a different website with different theme ? or in other words a complete different wp id pass ?
    2- if it only works with pages ? What about posts ? 99.9% of my websites use posts rather than pages. I use only 4 pages in my websites which are TOS, Disclaimer, Contact Us & About Us. All other content goes to posts. Can I make subdomain url with posts ?

    Waiting for your reply.
    If I can have your Skype ID ?


    • alisaleem252 says:

      1) Same WordPress Installation, Same theme used, This plugin simply changes the URL to subdomain. And a simple checkbox can toggle it.
      2) This plugin only Works for Pages, for posts i have another plugin called, Category as subdomain pro. that will give you a url like. category.site.com/post-name

      Otherwise if you need post-name.site.com i can surely develop a custom solution for you. 🙂


  • onezero says:

    hello just purchased and the plugin doesn’t seem to work for the cookie accross sub domains…. I need users logged in on all parts of the site

  • Retseem says:

    Hi there,
    First of all I needed a code snippet for the .htaccess file as mentioned above somewhere to be able to see all the icons, so that part is fixed.
    Now I need the same code snippet as above to be added to my wp-config.php for the users to stay logged in on all parts of the site, could you please provide it to me?
    Most probably I did something the plugin isn’t designed for. The only thing I need is my woocommerce webshop page to be on a subdomain while being tightly integrated with the mainsite, this for legal reasons. So actually the only difference with a normal single domain website with static pages, a blog and webshop is that I need to have is a different URL to show up for the webshop. At the moment I have set the default woocommerce shoppage as a subdomain, but then no products appear. By the way I have set the cart, checkout and my account pages as subpages of the main shop page as they need to appear with the subdomain URL as well. Main site URL should show up as “example.com” and for the shoppage and subpages the URL “webshop.example.com” should appear. This is where I bought the plugin for, but is this possible? Or possible with any of your other plugins?

    Thanks in advance and kind regards,

  • blazedo9 says:

    Mr. Ali

    I want to ask 2 pre-purchase questions…
    1. If I purchase this plugin and I am unable to pay for further years after the one year expired will the plugin disappear/uninstall or not functioning again?
    2. If my host does not support Wildcard SSL for subdomain… Can I purchase it separately? If yes, will it be on my hosting panel?

  • jbwidpxl says:

    Just installed your plugin (Page Pro) but I keep getting the invalid message even though I fill in the proper key. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Hello, I paid for two license, then after installation and activation your Page Pro plugin I’ve got two issues:
    1) Why do I still see the message in admin pannel:
    “Please enter Valid Order ID and Domain to enable Page Subdomain Pro Plugin
    Complete the setup now.”
    2) Sometimes when I browse to subdomain I see the Fatal Error, why is that?
    “Fatal error: Cannot use object of type WP_Error as array in /****/wp-content/plugins/page-subdomain-pro/public/class-page-subdomain-pro-public.php on line 220”

  • MilaZlateva says:

    It dosnt work for me, i made all settings but i receive this :
    You don’t have permission to access / on this server

    when try to access to sub domain.

  • Arvid84 says:

    I am experiencing the following issue with the plugin activation:

    1. I enter the Order ID and the domain
    2. I click ‘Activate’
    3. Page refreshes, but I still see the message “Please enter Valid Order ID and Domain to enable Page Subdomain Pro Plugin”

    Any thoughts on what could be causing this? The free version of the plugin worked without any problems.

  • gengenie says:

    Hi I also have the above problem, I also can’t work out how to add the sub domain’s to my sight. Can you advise?

  • craft says:

    The same problem with activation…

  • ottstein says:

    i have the same problem with a activation

  • Ayaan Ahad says:

    I can’t activate the plugin. I have properly input Order ID. Please solve my problem.

  • alisaleem252 says:

    I am glad that i was able to help and solved your problem.

  • Hello. is it possible to contribute to this plugin? I’ve added some code to expand the template hierarchy based on the current subdomain, so that, for example, you can have page-{subdomain-slug}.php or 404-{subdomain-slug}.php as search possibilities. Let me know, I’d be happy to provide the code as I find it quite useful to have this feature. Joe

  • alisaleem252 says:

    Yes, sure i would love see the code, please contact me through info at gigsix.com

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      Loved It.

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      Does what it says on the tin! Very useful for what I needed, and great support.

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      The best plugin that suited all our subdomain needs!! The developer also offers exceptional after sales customer service!!

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      Best solution! By the way what does mean "1 year license"? Does thet mean after one year I have to buy it again, or can still using but without updates?

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