200 Best Free PSD Abstract Backgrounds


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Best free psd abstract backgrounds collection. Below we have displayed a selection of 200 different designs for you to choose from.

We have take in account the number of times these backgrounds have been downloaded and come up with a list of the best we’ve made so far.
Add a bit of personality to your projects with one of these creative and unique 200 best free psd abstract backgrounds.
1. Eight Colorful Backgrounds
Free colorful backgrounds presented in 8 different styles. These abstract web backgrounds can be successfully applied to your creative web designs, brochures, flyers, posters, presentations, office papers, etc. All files are available in high resolution (1920 x 1200px)
2. Abstract Background Set 3
Abstract background set featuring 6 colorful but yet clear graphics. Our background set could be used on all kind of projects – websites, business cards, flyers, posters, collages and any other web or print project.
3. Abstract Background Set 2
Abstract background set containing 6 backgrounds. You can use them for your web and mobile templates. They are designed in high resolution – 1800 x 1200px. So you can use them on all kind of projects including print designs.
4. Bubble Wave Abstract Background
Abstract Background presented in 9 different color variations. Available in high resolution (1600 x 1200px). They are ideal for website backgrounds, business cards, flyers, posters, collages, etc.
5. Abstract Bokeh Backgrounds
Thirteeen abstract backgrounds with bokeh light effects that will help you to present your products or services more attractively. These highly detailed backgrounds are perfect for any design job – web, print or advertisement related. Available in high resolution (1600 x 1200px)
6. Abstract Hi-Res Colorful Background Set
Free abstract background set containing 6 items. They are available in high resolution (1920 x 1080px) and they will perfectly suit any web design project, business card, flyer, poster, collage, presentation, etc.
7. Abstract Bokeh Background Set
Free set of 6 high resolution backgrounds. Use them to have an immediate vibrant and eye-catching effect on your website backgrounds, posters, collages, business cards, presentations, etc.
8. Twelve Abstract Waves Backgrounds
These high resolution backgrounds will certainly add positive effect to your creative works. Available in 12 different color variations.
9. Abstract Whirl Background
Great looking background available in 4 different colors high resolution. You can easily set up this background for various projects: personal portfolio, wallpaper, website concept, business card, posters, etc.
10.  Abstract Linear Backgrounds
Free high resolution background set with shiny stripes and smoke effect at the bottom. These 8 detailed wallpapers are suitable for any purpose, especially web backgrounds, business cards, posters, flyers, presentations, collages and other.
11. Abstract Background Set
Free abstract wave backgrounds in 5 different color variations. Available in high resolution. Suitable for your website background, creative business card or other design project.
12. Ten Free Abstract Backgrounds
Free abstract background set containing 10 high resolution items. These detailed backgrounds are perfect for any project needs.
13. Holiday Background Set
Abstract holiday background set with great christmas tree illustration and plenty of snowflakes. Use it freely for your website background, winter design project, business card, flyer, poster etc. Available in different color variations.
14. Outer Space Backgrounds
Abstract space backgrounds in 4 different colors. Useful for various design projects as website pages, business cards, collages, flyers etc.
15. Abstract Winter Wallpapers
Abstract winter backgrounds in high resolution. Useful for creating holiday design projects, business cards, flyers, collages etc. Included different color variations in the pack.
16. Thirty Abstract Backgrounds Part 2
Abstract backgrounds set that includes 30 items. These backgrounds are made in high resolution – 1900×1200. They can be used for any of your projects.
17. Thirty Abstract Backgrounds
Free abstract background set containing 30 high resolution items. These backgrounds are made in high resolution – 1900×1200 px. They are perfect for any project needs.
18.  Snowman Winter Wallpapers
Free abstract wallpapers with lots of snowflakes and a detailed illustration of a snowman. Available in high resolution and different color variations. Suitable for your holiday project, business card, poster, collage, flyer, desktop, etc.
19. Abstract Background Pack
Creative background set in 4 different colors. The files are in high resolution and perfectly match your backgrounds, wallpapers, websites, banners, headers, signatures, etc.
20. Free Abstract Background Set
Abstract background set ideal for creating fire wallpapers, backgrounds, business cards, signatures, etc. Available in 4 different color variations in high resolution (4000×3000)
21. Abstract Snowy Background Set
Abstract snowy wallpapers great for using as a website background, holiday greeting card, flyer, poster, business card, collage, desktop etc. Available in various color schemes and in high resolution (4000×3000).
22. Starry Abstract Backgrounds
Abstract starry background set with fading stripes. These 7 high quality backgrounds can be applied to various website projects, business cards, posters, collages, flyers, … etc. Available in high resolution (1600x1200px)
23. Free Wavy Backgrounds
Free wavy backgrounds designed in abstract but yet simple and clear style. Our free background set will always come in handy, especially when you are about to design a website template or a business card for example. We have included 4 variations of our background, but feel free to play with the colors and produce more backgrounds.
24. Ten Abstract Wave Backgrounds
Free abstract wave hi-res backgrounds in 10 different color variations. Useful for various needs, especially for web and print design related projects.
25. Ten Abstract Backgrounds
Ten abstract backgrounds made in high resolution (1920×1200 px) and suitable for any project needs.

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