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Host A helpdesk ticket system Website with WordPress. Multi Helpdesk Pro empowers your WordPress with the Support Ticket System Business Model.

Multi helpdesk ticket system Pro


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helpdesk ticket system
helpdesk ticket system
helpdesk ticket system
helpdesk ticket systemhelpdesk ticket systemhelpdesk ticket system
helpdesk ticket system

Host A Support Tickets System Website with WordPress.

Multi Helpdesk Pro empowers your WordPress with the helpdesk ticket system Business Model. Where companies from all around the globe could join your website to host their own support system.

General Features

Responsive Layout
Multiple skins
Companies on Subdomains.
Usage Documentation
Developer Documentation
Changeable Themes
Features Can be Extended.

Company Admin Features

Can Create Helpdesk
Configure Support Homepage
Configure FAQ (html/text)
Configure Company Introduction (html/text)
Can add/edit/view/delete Agents
Can add/edit/view/delete/block Customers
Can respond To Tickets
Can assign Tickets To Agents
Configure Tickets Settings
Change Skin


Customer Features:

Can Edit Profile
Can Create Ticket
Can Solve Ticket
Can Rate Tickets

Agent Features:

Can add/edit/view/delete/block Customers
Can Respond To Tickets
Can Close Tickets
Can Edit Profile





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= Added Security. 
= Added Compaitiblity. 

= 30-07-16 =
= Added Subdomain as option.
= Added Documentation.

N/A - 22-03.16

Benefits of using helpdesk ticket system:
Efficiency. If you’ve ever called into a busy call-center, you know the frustration of sitting on hold waiting for someone to answer the phone who may or may not be able to help you. You may be asking yourself “how long before I can actually get to reporting my problem?” In our ticketing system, your issue is in our hands as soon as you hit “Submit”.In case you’re wondering how long it will really take for your issue to get in front of one of our techs, the answer is “almost instantly.” Our techs are standing by on a 24/7 basis. Within 60 seconds of you hitting Submit, all on-duty techs will receive an indication on their workstation screen that a new ticket has arrived. Tickets are then organized by customer and time of submission.Our standard SLA mandates that customer tickets be addressed within 15 minutes. Organizing our service requests and dispatching them via the ticket system help ensure that we are able to meet (or exceed) that goal.
Continuity. Your ticket may be addressed by multiple technicians depending on complexity or shift schedules. Keeping details and responses recorded in the ticket system allows our team to help without the need for you to repeat your story or re-explain what you need help with. By working in this manner, we’re able to ensure continuous work and forward-progress on your issue rather than the two steps forward, one step back approach to requiring repeated call-backs.
Accountability. Our technicians are extremely dedicated to helping our customers. Unlike some providers, we’re not a revolving door for tech guys on their way to something else. The vast majority of our technicians have been with us for over 2 years. Our corporate culture is far from a “clock in, clock out” mentality. When a ticket arrives, you can be assured it is reaching someone dedicated to your case. In this regard, you’re already at an advantage. But our ticket system takes things a step further. Each ticket is always subject to peer- and supervisor-review.
Quality Assurance. One of the highest costs a service-provider has is its talent. While the benefits of keeping a dedicated, motivated team of service-oriented people should not be underestimated, it also does not come cheap. It is for this reason many service providers outsource support roles to third-parties, often off-shore. Sure, your phone call is answered, but how much help are you really getting? Does the person on the other side of the phone line really understand your question? Speak your language? Are they reading from a script?Our Support Team is 100% in-house, based in our Dallas, TX headquarters. We feel this is absolutely critical to ensuring we meet the high expectations of our customers.By allowing our techs to focus on helping our customers rather than answering phones, we’re able to streamline the number of techs we have on duty at a given time. The benefit here is that when your ticket is received, you can have confidence that you are being assisted by a highly-competent, motivated member of our Dallas team. We’re not sacrificing the quality of our technical support in order to simply have a phone answered.

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