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WooCommerce asi central Live Product.
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Video Demo Adding single product.

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Live use of the SmartLink API

The SmartLink API is designed to be used as a live API connection. It can allow you to create websites and applications using just calls to our API without storing data.Pros• Reduced storage costs• Real-time product dataASI has been providing award-winning products and services to the advertising specialty andpromotional products industry for more than 50 years. ASI’s mission will always be to bring adspecialty suppliers and distributors together by providing a multitude products and services that helpindustry members to grow their business through evolving technology solutions.The cornerstone of the value we bring to our members is our product data. ASI is continually evaluating how we can improve the way this data is captured, maintained and presented to meet thechanging demands of our members.ESP is the industry’s leading sourcing tool – supporting nearly 70% of the industry’s product searched. SmartLink provides a leading edge way for our members to access ESP product dataoutside the ESP platform. SmartLink delivers the same data, with the same level of specificity andaccuracy our members have come to expect from ESP.SmartLink empowers our members to make their business solutions more flexible while stillbenefitting from the power of ESP data. In addition to powering an ecommerce website, SmartLinkcan also be used to power a back end system with the product data needed to create Quotes,Purchase Orders, and Invoices. This will improve accuracy and efficiency by eliminating rekeying.The purpose of this document is to provide ASI members and integration partners general guidelinesand instructions on what is required to utilize ASI’s SmartLink API and gain access to most completeand up-to-date information when sourcing products and making purchasing decisions.

About SmartLink ASI Promotional Products

Theme Compatible

Flatsome Multi Purpose Theme.
Working Demo


Smartlink Test mode

Smartlink Production Mode.

Product Customizer


The WooCommerce Smartlink ASI Plugin offers seamless integration between WooCommerce and the Smartlink ASI Central platform, enabling users to import millions of products from Smartlink ASI Central into their WordPress websites. The plugin utilizes a cloud-based approach, ensuring that the product data is not stored within WordPress, enhancing efficiency and data management. Here are the main features and steps documented for using the plugin:


  1. Product Import: Import a vast catalog of products from Smartlink ASI Central into your WooCommerce store.
  2. Minimal Data Storage: Only product titles and Smartlink IDs are stored in your WordPress database, reducing data redundancy and optimizing performance.
  3. Real-time Cloud-based API: Utilize a cloud-based Smartlink API to display comprehensive product information on your website’s frontend.
  4. Product Details: Display detailed product information, including pricing, imprints, production and shipping details, safety warnings, supplier information, and all available variations.
  5. Variation Display: Showcase product variations with corresponding variation images, allowing customers to choose the desired options.
  6. Cart Interaction: When a customer adds an item to the cart, a customizable product customizer is triggered.
  7. Customization Options: Customers can customize the product by selecting colors, imprints, adding custom logos or messages, and choosing variations and decorations.
  8. Manual Order Forwarding: Once customization is complete, users can manually forward the order to Smartlink ASI Central for processing.



  1. Installation:
    • Download the WooCommerce Smartlink ASI Plugin from your WordPress dashboard or the official plugin repository.
    • Install and activate the plugin.
  2. Integration:
    • Configure the plugin settings, including API key authentication and connection with your Smartlink ASI Central account.
  3. Importing Products:
    • Access the plugin’s import interface.
    • Browse the Smartlink ASI Central catalog and select products for import.
    • To import a single product, add a new WooCommerce product and set the smart link ID and Product Title and publish.
  4. Frontend Display:
    • After importing, products will be listed on your website using their titles and Smartlink IDs.
    • Upon clicking a product, the cloud-based API fetches and displays comprehensive product information, including pricing, imprints, variations, and more.


== version 3.5.2
- Added Initial Categories
- Fixed Other Theme Support Issues.
- Fixed Product Customizer Layout

Comments and Discussions

  • Github Repos says:

    Worked as expected. 🙂

  • umaraslam1 says:

    Would love to have an option to increase the import speed, otherwise it is working as expected.

  • Amazon Pro says:

    Which theme is it compatible with? Do you recommend any theme with this plugin.

  • This is compatible with any Woo Commerce Theme, but specially integrated with Flatsome Multi Purpose theme to completely utilize it.

  • day20 says:

    I really liked the product customizer, i need an option to customize the layout of this customizer to match my theme.

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    • Webostock


      Quality of code tested and approved.

    • day20


      This plugin has saved a lot of my time, it is working great, specially the product customizer which was easily customizable. Thanks

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