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Main Features


  • Auction Post

    Auctions are wordpress custom posts and is very easy to add new auctions from wordpress admin, assign categories, choose, the auction mode, assign tags, set reserve price, buy now price, etc.

  • Auction Tools

    The theme supports multiple common auction tools, like a start price, a buy now price, a reserve price feature and many more. Bidding the auctions is easy for your users, they just have to signup an account on your site. Also the theme supports silent auctions and also preventing last time bidding by adding extra seconds if users bid at the last minute.

  • Plug and Play

    Our theme is plug and play and you dont need any extra plugins or other scripts to run your auction website. Also the installation process is very simple: you just use the wordpress installer and upload the theme archive file and you are ready.

    • User Profiles/Shops

      Each user has its own profile with all posted auctions, received feedback’s and stats about their activity. This part also can be considered similar to eBay type of shops, where a visitor of the website can check every listed or sold item of the respective user.

    • Auction Expiration

      Set the max and min number of days for each auction to run live. After the time expires the winner is chosen depending on the auction mode (normal, reverse, freebid).

    • Credit System

      Users buy virtual cash and use the cash to pay for the won auctions, to bid auctions, or to post new auctions. Users can pay for the jobs with the credit and the paid members can withdraw the amount they earned.

    • Google Support

      The Auction Theme has Google Maps with Street View feature fully integrated so you can track the auctions locations. Also Google Analytics is also supported and fully integrated, just paste your tracking code.

    • Zip/ Postcode radius based search

      Another great feature of our theme is that your users can search for an item based on an address, or zip/post code, and on a given radius (miles or km). This feature is based on Google’s geo coordinates and results display on a map in the search page.

    • Star Rating System

      The theme comes with a 5 star rating system for the users that buy and sell. Each user has his own profile with all their received ratings. Similar to ebay rating system.

    • Escrow Feature

      Another great feature of the theme is the escrow feature. Safe payment between users, and a more secure way to control the credits/funds in your site. More info about what an escrow means.

    • Payment Gateways

      You do not need any special payment integration, as the theme has already a payment system integrated. Currently it supports PayPal, PayPal Adaptive, Payza, Moneybookers / Skrill, iDeal (Dutch), iDeal Mollie, Sisow, Payfast and, but we can offer services to custom integrate any other payment gateway.

    • PayPal Integrated

      PayPal payment system is one of the most used payment systems in the world. Our theme also supports the new PayPal Adaptive and Chained Payments. Very easy to use, just put your PayPal email address in the back end and start collecting payments.

    • Automatic Bidding

      The Auction Theme comes with automatic bidding feature as well. So if you customers want to set a maximum bid value, then the auction system will bid for them until the max bid is reached, so they are in total control all the time. The increase bid value is configurable from admin side and is based on current price.

    • Make an Offer Feature

      Your posted auctions will have the make offer feature. So after posting an auction the bidders can offer you a lower price than the buy now price. As an answer you can accept the offer, reject it, or offer a counter offer. At that point the potential buyer can accept or reject this counter offer.

    • Private Messaging

      This tool will help your user to better communicate through a safe system without revealing each others personal information, and keep all activity under your website and you in control.

    • Total Control

      Your users are in total control, they can relist closed auctions, delete or close active auctions and edit their current auctions, changing the pictures, title, description and custom fields.

    • WordPress 3.6 Support

      The Auction Theme supports the latest version of wordpress. The theme has been tested in wordpress 3.6 and works flawlessly. Also each time we keep the theme up to date with the latest wordpress versions.

    • Digital Goods

      With the auction theme you can launch an online download shop with just a few clicks. The extension for downloadable goods is only available with the extra-developer license. You can attach office files, zip and rar archives, or vector format images.

    • Blog Support

      Thanks to custom post types, the blog feature of your wordpress site is still supported as before and not disturbed by the auction activity so you can still blog about anything you want.

    • Custom Fields

      You can add custom fields from back-end, like text-fields, text-areas, select boxes, radio buttons and checkboxes. Everything is supported and the custom fields can be created based on category.

    • Facebook integration

      Give the chance to your users to “like” the auctions, and to share them on their facebook wall. This simple tool is very useful for your site’s traffic and popularity.

    • Twitter integration

      Very easy integration with one of the most popular social networks, Twitter. Simply add your twitter account in the backend and your users can follow you. Also each auction page has a share on twitter button.

    • Email Notifications

      Your users get email notifications, when they bid, they get outbid, or when they receive private messages. Also there are email notifications for users when they have received payments for their items or their item was shipped.

    • Multi Currency Support

      The theme comes packed with multiple currency support. The main currencies supported are US Dollars (USD), Euro (EUR), British Pounds (GBP), Canadian Dollars (CAD), Australian Dollars(AUD), Japanese yen(JPY), or the brazilian real etc

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