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This Plugin uses Alexa Toolbar trick, All your traffic will be considered as user of Alexa Toolbar now each impression will matter and it will boost your Alexa Rank.

If you are not aware of Alexa Toolbar, read below.

Alexa Toolbar is an extension or module to some Browsers which few users have already installed, So for the user who has installed this toolbar in its browser then accessing any website the alexa rank of it will be improved considering that the traffic will go through alexa.


Alexa algorithm is aware of that all users are not using alexa toolbar so a single user with toolbar means many users are accessing the website, So what this plugin trick does is that all your traffic will go through alexa toolbar and it will consider that the visitor has alexa toolbar installed. which means every impression will be considered unique by alexa.

Additional tips:

You can use Zenmate Extension to use any country proxy and then access your site if you are targeting any specific country.


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  • Boost Alexa Rank
  • Save and Display ranks upto 30 days.



Alexa do not just rely on the toolbar traffic, Their algorithm considered several other factors so Boost in traffic is not guaranteed but logical.

This plugin will actually give a competitive edge to your business.

It is totally SEO friendly, 100% safe to use.


Comments and Discussions

  • rmemech79 says:

    Nice you figured it out… Good luck with sales man.. 🙂

  • liorlev says:

    it is not showing previous ranks, Is the ranks are saving from the date the plugin is installed?

  • georgefc says:

    Hello is this plugin still works?

  • georgefc says:

    How can i chat with you? Im interested to buy it now

  • georgefc says:

    Did you receive my messages?

  • georgefc says:

    Hello alisaleem252 can we chat ? Im interested to buy your plugin today…

  • blogobie says:

    Nice plugin. Just bought it and apply to my blog. Unfortunately my rank drop slightly after 3 days. maybe it is not working anymore?

    • alisaleem252 says:

      Can you inbox me your traffic detail? visits per day and country? secondly 3 days are not sufficient, the drop doesnt depict last 3 days data, changes will appear atleast after 2 weeks, depending on the visitors.

  • blogobie says:

    Ok, will wait for 2 weeks. Will send you traffic detail if not getting positive result after two weeks.

    All the best

  • blogobie says:

    Well, it is 12 days now .. my rank dropped from 163K to 190K as of today. Is there something I miss?

  • navink says:

    Plugin not working , please issue refund

  • saggel says:

    i bought it and i receive with email the version 2.0! i see you have updated to 2.1.

  • moonviper890 says:

    This is a test

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